How to Wear White this Summer

White is one of my favorite colors for the summer. Not only does it look fresh and chic, but it also helps reflect the sun, keeping us nice and cool. It use to be considered a fashion faux pas wearing head-to-toe white, but lately it has been seen all over the runways. White of course, isn't for everyone, many times it can be a very tricky color to pull off. Here are a few of my favorite white pieces from Macy's and tips and tricks on how to wear it. 

Mixing White with Tribal Accessories: For this look we went with this BCBG Jumper from Macy's and paired it with tribal accessories from The Habit Art to give it a pop. Tribal accessories are back this summer and look great against white. Look for tribal accessories with wood details or bronze. 

White, on the contrary to black, also tends to not be as slimming. So if you're looking to disguise wide hips, instead of doing a white jumper consider pairing a white blouse with darker colored jeans or pants. 

Mix Different Tones of White: If you don't want to go as daring as wearing head-to-toe white, consider wearing different tones of white from beige, ivory to off-white. Here we paired this BCBG dress from Macy's with a white jacket and strappy sandals. This look would be perfect for a dinner date. When wearing white or lighter colors, you also have to be careful that it's not see-through. One quick tip is to put your hand underneath the fabric and bring it close to the light. If you're able to see the color of your hand, then most likely it will have the same effect with your legs and bum. You can also consider wearing a slip underneath your dress (it's not just for grandmas!) 

Add Different Textures: If you want to go for two white pieces, opt for adding different textures. In this case for example we paired these I.N.C. crochet shorts from Macy's with an I.N.C. silk blouse. The different textures (crochet and silk) add a nice visual interest to the outfit. 

How do you wear white this summer? 


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