DIY: Not So Scary Minnie Mouse Pumpkin

By Contributing Writer, Natalie Howell 

After coming home from our annual pumpkin patch trip, I find myself wondering what I’m going to do with these pumpkins my now 5 year old diva pressured me into buying. The option to carve a design comes to mind but is then immediately replaced with the memory of the debacles that resulted from my previous attempts. Most people who know me consider me a pretty crafty girl, a DIY expert, if u will. However, I don’t know what it is about carving that I have such a hard time with. I’ve tried it all, have purchased all the recommended tools, and I have yet to accurately recreate any of the designs I have ventured into.

So, this year, I decided to take a different approach. Instead of carving the pumpkin, I decided to paint it. “Seemed easy enough, I’ve painted before” I thought. “How hard can it possibly be?” So, I asked my daughter what design she wanted to make, and as expected, she chose Minnie Mouse. Well, to be honest, she chose Ariel at first, but then I quickly persuaded her out of it after seeing all the intricate details that would need to be painted on the tiny pumpkin she picked out. The next day, I picked up some materials and we got straight to work on our masterpiece. After a couple of hours and some drying time, this was our final result. Not too bad for our first one.

white, black, and pink/red paint
paint brushes
painter’s tape
black foam sheet
pink ribbon
push pins
super glue
pumpkin of any size

Follow the simple steps below to create a Minnie Mouse Pumpkin of your own for your little princess. It can also easily be made into a Mickey Mouse for your little prince:

1. Divide the pumpkin in half with painter’s tape. Keep as straight a line as possible.

2. Cover the top half with black paint. Allow the paint to dry and remove painter’s tape.

3. CAREFULLY paint the bottom half in bright pink or red. Allow paint to dry.

4. With a small paint brush make white polka dots around the pink/red portion. Allow paint to dry. I used a Filbert size 6 brush but you can use any small paint brush you have.

5. Cut out Minnie Mouse ears using black foam sheet. Leave a crease to fold and pin to pumpkin using push pins.

6. Cut pink ribbon to size to make a bow. Use super glue to adhere it to the top of pumpkin as displayed in the picture above.

Natalie Howell is a mother and teacher turned blogger covering her adventures through life, motherhood, fashion and all things DIY. Check out her blog, One Sunday Morning for more inspiration. 


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