Home Decor: DIY Chalkboard City Wall

For the past several weeks, I've been redoing our "movie room" into a playroom for Andres. One thing I wanted to do was a city wall mural for his room. I started looking for some city decals, but couldn't seem to find something that I liked. That is util I came across this uh-mazing idea from blogger Emily Henderson and this blog post. She basically used painter's tape and chalkboard paint and created her own little chalkboard mural.

It seemed easy enough so I decided to give it a try. I gathered a few pictures of city wall murals from Pinterest and decided to use this one as a guidance. I then taped it by eyeing it and then painted it with chalkboard paint.

From start to finish it probably took about 2 hours to do. I waited about 4 hours for the paint to try before removing the painter's tape. The next day, Andres was ready to use his chalkboard. He absolutely loved it.


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