My Favorite Trend: Athleisure Wear

One trend I absolutely love is athleisure wear. It's basically athletic wear and leisure wear combined--and it's not just for the gym!  As a mom to an active 3 year-old I'm always look for pieces that are comfy without sacrificing style. It's one of the reasons I also mostly wear flats (instead of heels, like I did when I was sans child). It's all about being comfortable in my book.

I talked about this trend in a segment I did last year on The Today Show and I'm so excited it's still going strong. In all honestly, I'll be wearing this trend for many years to come. Here's a look I wore to take Andres to pre-school and then for a jog on the beach and to run errands.

I wore this Gap Factory logo zip-up sweater (the classic logo is back!) along with these stylish sneakers and  Gap Factory leggings.  The sweater and leggings were on sale at Gap Factory (I got both for just under $30!) They always have the best sales.

What do you think of athleisure wear? Are you a fan of the trend? 

This post is brought to you by Gap Factory. All opinions, as always, are my own. Thanks for supporting the sponsors that make Viva Fashion possible. 



  1. Wow, you look so cute and this sports outfit of yours is really amazing! :D
    I especially like your Nike running sneakers. Which socks do you wear with them?

    1. Aw thanks :) I wear ones called "no-show" low cut socks.


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