Home Decor: The Perfect Vintage Inspired Rug

Lately I've been pretty obsessed with rugs, in particular vintage inspired rugs and kilim rugs. I think it's because I might be going through a bohemian phase when it comes to home decor (hence these pillows). After searching high and low, I finally found the perfect rug from Overstock!

This Safavieh Monaco rug in red and turquoise adds the perfect touch of vintage and can we talk about the price for a second? This rug was just $97 bucks (and it's 5 x 7, so a pretty decent size). I love the way it adds color and life to my living room.

Here's how this blogger from The Little NoPo Farmhouse styled it in her kitchen. Doesn't it look so cute? I also love the idea of having a rug in the kitchen.

Flea markets are another great option for finding rugs, but unfortunately in Miami there are not many great flea markets (oh how I wish we had a Rose Bowl flea market here). You can also try searching eBay, but I honestly was a bit overwhelmed with searching. I really have to be in the mood.  In case you might want to give eBay a try, here are some search terms I use: Persian Rug, Turkish Rug, Kilim Rug, Vintage Rug. Then, just narrow it down by how much  you want to spend (and factor in shipping costs).

Have you found any good rugs lately? Let me know where.  

Where to Buy: 
Safavieh Monaco Rug, Overstock, $97 (also come in different sizes)


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  1. I went to a discount buyout store called Ollies near us and they had a ton of rugs for sooo cheap. IDK if that's just a PA thing or what lol
    XO Ellen from Ask Away


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