Motherhood Monday: Tackling Challenging Mommy Moments

The other day I was going through my photos on my iPhone and came across several pictures of Andy as a baby. It seems so hard to believe he was ever that small (or chubby or squishy or so, so yummy). I started thinking of how far I’ve come along in my motherhood journey, especially tackling those challenging mommy moments.

Here are a few of them I thought I’d share, along with tips that might help overcome them:

Getting Things Done: As a new mom, this one can be a bit challenging. One thing I wish I would have done more, looking back, is baby wearing. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with baby carriers. To be honest, I feared that he would fall out. But once I found the perfect baby carrier, it was life changing. I was able to get work done and even do some chores around the house. Andy was also less fussy throughout the day.

Teething: Teething was another one of those challenging mommy moments. So finding a teething toy like Sophie the Giraffe helped a ton! Once the teeth finally came in, it was important to take care of those little teeth. Babies, believe it or not, can also develop plaque on their teeth. I loved using Baby Orajel™ Elmo Tooth and Gum Cleanser. The best part is that it comes with a finger brush, which made brushing so much easier. It’s also fluoride-free and does not contain any artificial colors or dyes.

Sleeping: Speaking of sleeping, one of the best things I ever did was to sleep train Andy. By 6 months he was sleeping throughout the night and till this day (he’s three now) he actually puts himself to sleep. No need to rock him to sleep, sing lullabies, or quietly creep out of the room with the fear of waking him up. This book and DVD also helped a ton “The Happiest Baby on the Block.” 

What are some of the most challenging mommy moments you’ve tackled? I’d love to know.

This post has been sponsored by Baby Orajel™, however all opinions are my own.


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