My Favorite Organic Restaurants in Miami

I'm all about organic restaurants these days. The bad news? There are only less than a handful of restaurants in Miami that are COMPLETELY organic. The good news? There are several that do offer organic ingredients and healthy options.

Here are a few of my favorite restaurants you'll want to check out for yourself:

Organic Bites:  
I absolutely love everything about this European style bistro, including their slogan "Once Upon A Time, All Food Was Organic" (sad, but true). They are committed to making a difference and it shows in their food. They have everything from organic cold-pressed juices (made fresh to order), wild-caught salmon, organic chicken and even organic grass-fed meat (to please every food lover). The restaurant itself is Instagram-worthy.
What I Order: I love their butternut squash soup with a hint of ginger and their veggie burger.
Location: 7010 Biscayne Blvd, Miami

KC's Healthy Cooking
This place is a little hole in the wall and it's nothing fancy schmancy, but it tops my list as one of my favorites! It's a family-run business (which I'm all for) and you can really tell they put so much heart and soul in their food. The food is super flavorful and they have everything from organic fresh juices, organic eggs and organic veggies.
What I Order: I come here so much, that the waiter Matt already knows my order haha. I always get the grilled veggie wrap with a Green Goddess Juice (made fresh with organic apple, celery, cilantro, cucumber, kale, lettuce, lime and parsley). But be sure to also try their Kocoyeh Organic Quinoa (made with mixed herbs, avocado, sautéed veggies in coconut oil) or their Buckwheat Soba Noodles.
Location: 11900 Biscayne Blvd, #103 (it's inside a business building) North Miami

Smart Bites
Another healthy food option in Miami is SmartBites. I never knew this place existed until my late husband took me there one day. They offer everything from smoothies,  juices (which are already bottled, but made fresh that day), wheatgrass and Tumeric shots, salads, bowls, sprouted homemade buckwheat cereal, Wild-Alaskan Salmon, soups and much more. The best part is they grow most of their own veggies right outside the restaurant!
What I Order: I always keep an eye out for their daily specials, but for the most part I order the Tex Mex Bowl (the Paleo version) made with butternut squash, lettuce, spinach, corn, sautéed peppers, onions, fresh cilantro and a spicy tomato sauce.
Location: 791 NW 20th Street, Miami  (near Jackson Memorial Hospital)

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Juice Lab
This trendy spot located in Miami Beach offers bottled organic cold-pressed juices made from local farms, smoothies, salads, sweet potato linguini and much more. They also have some mean acai bowls. The co-founder is also a nationally recognized yoga instructor, which is pretty cool.
What I Order: Acai Break Bowl (made with coconut milk, acai, matey, brazil nut protein, lucuma, crunchy persimmon and homemade nut crumble).
Location: 1819 West Ave #2, Miami Beach

Apple a Day 
Nestled inside a vegetarian health food store, I recently discovered this restaurant and it's quickly becoming one of my go-to's. The small South Beach spot offers healthy options (although not everything is organic) from wraps, sandwiches, salads (made with their own homemade dressings), bottled organic cold-pressed juices and acai bowls. The meals also includes a lentil or split pea soup (which are delicious).
What I Order: Portabello Wrap (made with sautéed portobello mushroom, himalayan salt, spring mix, carrots, cucumbers and hummus).
Location:  1534 Alton Road, Miami Beach

Pura Vida
From juices and smoothies to raw organic bowls and wraps, this place is a must for health-conscious eaters. It's conveniently located in South Beach and it's a great place to grab breakfast or lunch (it also has a very cool atmosphere).
What I Order: I love coming here for breakfast. Me and Andy (my son) both get the Salmon Avocado along with a 'Best Healthy' juice (made fresh) with pineapple, orange, carrot and turmeric or the "Green Deluxe" juice.
Location: 110 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach



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