5 Tips to Avoid Breaking Out (Acne) After a Workout

So for the past two months, I've been working out doing Crossfit (five times a week!) I must say I'm pretty obsessed and have never felt better. It's such an amazing workout. One thing I worried about however, before I started working out was that I was going to break out. I had a pretty bad hormonal breakout the month prior and the last thing I needed was more breakouts from exercising. Fortunately, I've found a routine that has been able to keep me breakout free.

In case you're worried about workout related acne, here are four tips that are sure to help.

Shower Before and Immediately After Your Workout:  If you think about it, acne is mainly caused by our pores getting clogged.  So it's very important that you shower before your workout (to remove any dirt, oil or bacteria that might be on the skin) especially since your pores will open up during a workout. Once you get home, be sure to take a shower as well and use a mild body soap. You don't want your pores getting clogged from the sweat, oil and other junk. I also like to use a body brush in the shower for those harder to reach areas like my back.

Don't wear make-up to the gym: This is probably the most important tip to avoid workout related breakouts. I know some of you might cringe at the thought of going with a bare face to the gym (I've been there) but trust me, it's so important. The way I like to look at it is that I'm not at the gym to look pretty. And I'd rather go with a bare face now and avoid a pimple later. If you must, must, must wear make-up, then I suggest a light (non-comedogenic) concealer on those dark spots/pimples or a loose mineral based powder.

Have face wipes in the car: One thing I like to do as soon as I get in my car after a workout is wipe a face-wipe all over my face and chest. Even though I take a shower when I get home, this extra step ensures that I'm not allowing any junk to sink into my pores.

Choose your workout clothes wisely: If you're experiencing body breakouts on your back or chest, it's important to that you find fabrics that will absorb moisture, but will not hold onto it. Breathable fabrics are your best bet.

Don't use a cleansing brush on your face: This is one HUGE mistake I was making and didn't even realize it. If you have acne prone skin, using a cleansing facial brush can actually make your breakouts worse. I was using one (thinking I was doing my skin a favor) until my dermatologist explained to me that this was actually irritating my skin and could even spread bacteria to other pores.

So there you have it. I hope these tips help. Do you have any other tips that help keep you breakout free? I'd love to know.


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