Stepping Up My Skincare Routine: Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream

Lately I've been all about stepping up my skincare routine. We all know that the eyes is one of the very first places where we start to see the first signs of aging, so it's important to get ahead of the game with prevention. I decided to start adding an eye cream to my regimen. Before, I would only use the same Vitamin C serum I would use for my entire face.

I've been using Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream for two months now (before writing this review) and I must say I really really like it. The cream helps to minimize the fine lines and wrinkles. It goes on light underneath makeup, but still adds the perfect amount of moisture so the undereye doesn't look dry. I use it every single day (morning and night) and even before heading to the gym.

I first became intrigued with the brand when Jennifer Lopez mentioned she swears by their Rose Cream (so of course you know I had to get that too--haha).  I mean, don't we all want to have JLo's skin?

You can find the brand at Wholefoods on, but what I love most is that they are made with safe ingredients. This one in particular includes ingredients such as acerola berries, sea buckthorn, birch leaf, shea butter and botanical oils.

Next up, I'll be sharing my search for the perfect Vitamin C Serum, so stay tuned.

Dr. Hauschaka Regenerating Eye Cream, $75


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