5 Ways to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month At-Home

Looking for fun ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year? Here are 5 tips to celebrate right at-home. 

FOOD: Support a local Latino-owned small business by ordering take-out from your favorite spot for arepas, enchiladas or empanadas and set up a buffet-style feast in your very own dining room for the whole family to enjoy. If you really want to celebrate all Hispanic nationalities, order from multiple restaurants, and have dishes from every Hispanic country. 

DRINKS: No celebration is complete without the perfect cocktail! Earlier this year, The Glenlivet launched Caribbean Reserve, a non-age expression that is breaking traditions by giving single malt scotch whisky a selective finish in high-quality Caribbean rum. With its sweet and smooth taste and hints of tropical fruits, honey and cinnamon – The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve flavors are the perfect drink to celebrate our Hispanic Heritage. 

MUSIC: Every great festival includes great music that allows you to dance, sing, and celebrate your Hispanic culture. Create a curated Latino playlist on Spotify that includes all the popular Hispanic music genres such as salsa, merengue, reggaeton, cumbia, and bachata. Or follow The Glenlivet’s Hispanic Heritage Festival - Caribbean Reserve Playlist on Spotify. 

CULTURE: Hispanics have contributed to the art world for centuries. Due to the pandemic, we can now visit museums virtually and celebrate Hispanic artists plus the magnificent works they’ve created. Gather the family around the computer to visit The Smithsonian Latino Virtual Museum, The Smithsonian American Art Museum – The Latino Presence, or the National Museum of Mexican Art. 

GAMES: What is a Hispanic celebration without some culturally beloved games? Drop by any party store and pick up a piñata or if you’re a DIYer, make one at home using a balloon, papier-mâché, and any toys or candies you’d like to stuff inside. There are several other fun games you can play at home with the family such as Loteria, Mar y Tierra, and La Araña.

Here's a fun drink you can also try: 


1 ½ parts The Glenlivet Caribbean Reserve 
2 parts Tamarind Juice Glass - Rocks 
Preparation - Build in glass. 
Add ice. Garnish - Lime wedge, Tajin spice rim 


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