Beauty Review: Garnier Nutrisse Hair Color

So not sure if you remember, but last year around this same time I decided to go to the salon and give my hair a little makeover. (here's the post I wrote on this) I went from black to a honey brown tone. Well.... after a couple of months with the new lighter shade, I decided to go back to the salon and dye my hair dark brown, problem was, that after about 3 hair washes later, the light brown kept coming back. At times it would even come back looking a bit orange (not cute!) I tried this several times (I waited about 3 months in between hair dyes) and even went to different salons, but had the same problem. I finally decided to just buy one of these at-home hair dyes. I bought this one at Target from Garnier Nutrisse, it was about $7. I bought two boxes, since my hair is pretty long, but ended up only using one box. My mom also told me about another Garnier hair dye that only takes 10 minutes, but they didn't have it when I went to the store. This was only the second time I had tried dying my hair at home, and it was pretty simple. I do have to say that the smell is a bit strong... I had to open up my bathroom window. So make sure you do it in a well ventilated area.

I went with the "Soft Black 20" shade and it did a really good job at covering up all the light brown tones in my hair. It was actually a bit toooooo dark, so if you're looking to go black, but not too dark I would suggest maybe going with a dark brown shade instead. Good news is, that after more than 4 washes later there are no signs of the brown shades coming back. Let's hope it stays this way. Oh, and it probably took about 3 washes to get the hair dye smell out. My hubby though is wishing that the light hair comes back since he personally likes the lighter hair on me... What is it with men and lighter hair, ugh! don't you guys know it's a lot of work to maintain. Anywho, I am kinda diggin' the natural look and will probably keep it around for a while.

Ps. Here is a picture I posted a couple of days ago where you can see the new hair color.

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