Style Swap: Gabrielle Union

This skirt might look familiar to you.... it's the one I blogged about this week when I did some shopping during my lunch break at Marshall's (see post here). It immediately reminded me of this skirt worn by Gabrielle Union...don't cha think? I would have never thought to pair it with this Kmart blouse, which is actually an undershirt for this top I wore here.  The belt also came as part of a dress I bought as Kohl's. 

This look is perfect for a date night or even for work if you pair it with a blazer. Oh and the best part is that the skirt was only $16.99. I might even wear this look for dinner on Sunday with the hubby (it's our big 5 Year Wedding Anniversary ZOMG!) 

Well my darlings, I hope you have a great weekend. Happy Friday!! xx


  1. Love the outfit and you nail it!

  2. you are working it! watch out gabrielle!

  3. I hope you had a nice week-end too ;)

    Very close than the gabrielle one ! Yet, why don't you left all the background in yours pictures ? My only bemol :) very nice job for all.

  4. Hi Aurelie....glad you like the post :)I actually wanted to do more like a collage type post in photoshop which is why I crop the background out. Plus, I take all the pics in my I highly doubt you'd like to see my kitchen as my background... LOL.


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